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What is Missing Person Investigation?


Missing person investigations are simply the best way to find out the truths about anyone you cannot find, and conducting such investigations requires a really extensive network and huge resources; our professional team of investigators is able to work within the constraints to extend the search as far as possible.


Missing Person


One of the biggest problems with police-led missing person searches is simply that the term missing persons is really very narrow.   Police will only begin looking for a missing person after a specific amount of time that the missing was last seen.   Police will do their best with the resources that they have, and sometimes, missing person or child cases might be of the lowest priority unless the missing person is of some prominent status or a threat of some kind, or simply the missing person news has hit the top headlines.

Anyone who wants real answers and fast really needs to speak to our team of professional investigators.   A professional investigator will start the search of that someone as soon as you feel anxious or worried and will continue to search as long as you are still needing the answers, regardless of whether the missing person report has been lodged.   During our investigation work, we are always ready and prepared to invest in additional resources to help move our work into a more positive outcome for our clients.


Who really hires our investigators to find missing persons?


We have handled requests such as:

  • people who go into hiding after family conflicts, or long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away or lost contact for a very long time.
  • Fugitives or person who have committed criminal offenses that you need to find
  • Debtors for your money or who has run away due to financial responsibilities
  • A person who has mental illnesses,
  • Missing persons who have been gone for a long time and are part of a cold case;
  • Minors who have been kidnapped or runaways
  • Employees who AWOL; or
  • Basically, someone whom you are really worried about their whereabouts;
  • Or simply to locate someone who is not easy to find, whether the person is in Singapore or already left the island.

A really qualified missing person investigator will be able to use advanced techniques to help find the person you are looking for, and we have qualified investigators who are able to deploy a number of techniques to find these missing persons:

  • We have investigators who are experts at locating fleeing criminals and debtors. They are not limited by the laws as police officers, and so can enter virtually any place or premise that they believe they are hiding in, or in facilities where a victim might be held.
  • We have investigators who use numerous different vehicles to search areas that an average person has no access to.
  • We have an extensive network of private investigators and networks of people that our investigators can recruit to help us in the search at home and across this region and the world.
  • Our investigators can observe places or property where a missing person is likely to be or can observe and track a suspect in a missing person case.
  • We do a number of background checks, including the questioning of the witnesses, and through many other investigative techniques that our investigators are deploying and in certain cases, or just readily available information that our investigators can get their hands at or new leads, we are able to turn to others to isolate likely suspects or likely sources of aid in finding this missing person.



How can SPY Singapore Help?


At Spy Singapore, we had completed a number of cases on missing persons. We can understand your anxieties when the missing person is your loved ones, so we take extreme care in working with you to eventually find your loved ones. We offer a totally consultative approach and offer complimentary basic legal advice for every inquiry that we receive.   We are discreet and professional in the way that we conduct our business so that the client would be the most at ease and comfortable with our services.


Other Investigations Service We Render


Besides missing person investigation, Spy Singapore PI also delivers other matrimonial/civil private investigation services such as Adultery InvestigationChild Custody, Domestic Violence and Pre-Matrimonial investigations. We are as fast & competent in commercial cases such as Employee background Check, Employee movements, insurance fraud, intellectual property fraud and mystery shopping

Call us to discuss your case, be assured all information shared is kept at it’s highest confidentiality and there will be a senior professional Private investigator to assist you from start to end of the case.


We perform thorough & responsive Investigation to Help you find the Missing Person.

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