What should you bring with you when you meet the PI for the first time?


  • All the relevant documents and information, photos, etc., and be prepared to be able to summarize your needs.
  • For example, Jenny would like to have surveillance conducted on her husband, Simon. For Jenny’s first meeting with the Agency / PI, Jenny should be able to provide an accurate description of her husband (most recent photo might help), and his car, as well as any appropriate addresses, such as his workplace, his office, his usual hangouts, friends’ houses, etc.
  • It might also be necessary to provide a 24 hrs routine of Simon if possible. As this is just the first meeting towards hiring someone, don’t worry if any information has been missed out.
  • This is also information gathering about the PI, the agency, the fees, and the service. The investigator should be able to walk through the entire process and what he will need to do a good job.


This is considered to be the initial consultation, and it should be FREE of charge


  • This will relieve any decision-making pressure, and it should one the comfort of giving time to evaluate the needs with the new information you have gathered from the consultation.
  • If a decision has been made to use this agency, schedule a follow-up meeting to begin the work, additional information can be provided at that time.