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Intellectual Properties and Copyrighted Materials Investigations


Intellectual property or copyrighted infringements investigations is a theft of trade secrets, material that is copyrighted, or other information to which an individual or a company has a right. Intellectual property theft has resulted in increased revenue losses worldwide.   This theft is especially significant in the US, which leads the world in the creation and sales of intellectual property products.


Intellectual Property Investigation Singapore


Privacy is the theft of copyrighted material through illegal copying of genuine programs or counterfeiting of products that are intended to pass as originals. Software, music, videos, and electronic games are commonly pirated. Piracy includes illegal end-user copying, illegal hard disk loading, counterfeiting, and illegal downloading from the internet.

Inevitably Intellectual property (IP) has become a business’s most valuable asset in recent years.

In instances where outside parties threaten to steal your business ideas, or disrupt your operations or duplicate your products, in order to put in the necessary corrective action from your part, it can become really time-consuming and expensive and consumes a lot of resources

Our team understands the significance and importance of protecting your IP, and while we have the ability to work alongside a global network of anti-counterfeit investigators, we are able to stay a step ahead of the wrongdoers who want to benefit from your such investment.

We have a team of investigators and consultants who are able to conduct investigative IP Services that can:


  • Detect the company and/or individuals who have breached your IP rights
  • Point out the source and location of the manufacturer in counterfeit product claims
  • Perform background and financial investigations on subjects involved in IP infringement
  • Research and investigate the legal aspects of copyright, trademark, and patent claims


Our team of investigators and consultants are specially trained to protect the brand equity and customer loyalty you’ve built by providing professional assistance in the areas of:


  • Counterfeit & Pirated Products
  • Data Breaches & IP Leaks
  • Trade Secret Breaches
  • Theft of Proprietary Customer Data
  • Copyright Abuse


Our investigators think critically about the goal of each investigation and the role that each investigative assignment will play in your overall IP protection strategy. As a result, the information and evidence that our investigators collect will put you in the strongest position possible to protect your IP.

Documentary evidence is always gathered wherever possible through the use of covert video cameras and any other necessary means. Controlled purchases (sometimes called trap purchases) can be required to show evidence that a trademarked item or an item otherwise protected by intellectual property laws is being sold.

Breaches of other forms of intellectual property such as confidential information, trade secrets, or patents can involve ex-employees or competitors utilising the IP in a manner inconsistent with your rights. The breach may have occurred internally, on your computer network for example, or a competitor may have gotten wind of confidential information through industrial espionage or some other means.

Whatever the circumstances, we are a well-established private investigation firm with a broad-based expertise, will be able to find a way to gather the evidence you need to put before the court, put a stop to the breach and recoup damages.


How Can Spy Singapore Help?


At, we offer a totally consultative approach and offer complimentary basic legal advice for every inquiry that we receive.   We do not charge for our consultation and we are always discreet and professional in the way that we conduct our work so that the client would be the most at ease and comfortable with our services.


Other Investigations Service we Render


Besides Intellectual Property Fraud Check, Spy Singapore PI also delivers other business/commercial private investigation services such as Background Check, Employee movementsInsurance fraud, and mystery shopping. We are as fast & competent in the Matrimonial/Civil cases such as Adultery InvestigationChild Custody, Domestic Violence, Missing Person, and Pre-Matrimonial investigations.

Call us to discuss your case, be assured all information shared is kept at it’s highest confidentiality and there will be a senior professional Private investigator to assist you from start to end of the case.


We perform Intellectual Property Investigations to protect your brands to lower lost of revenue.

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