To select a Good Private Investigator to assist your case, typically you have to be able to know if the investigators are experienced by having a face-to-face conversation with these investigators.  You are able to know if the investigators are experienced through these observations:


  • Have Good Character: The questions which the investigators are asking, whether they are more concerned about the money, or they are more concerned of your needs, etc.   And observed what are the overall impressions of the investigators whom you are speaking to.
  • Experience of the Agency and Investigators: The awards which the agencies have been awarded.   The number of cases handled by the agencies, the number of testimonials from the clients, the variety of cases that the agencies have been handling.   The combinations of various experienced investigators in the agency.
  • Licensed Agency and Private Investigators: Whether the agencies are licensed, request to look at their license issued by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD)
  • Request for the profile of the investigators, and lookup their experiences in their profiles
  • Having Clean Records: Check up these investigators if they have clean records, by calling up Singapore Police Force if they have received any complaints or there have been some bad records of these investigators.
  • Confidentiality of PI-Client conversation: Most of the private investigators are not officially held up to an attorney-client or the doctor-patient level of confidentiality.   A really good investigator will honor this, he will not disclose or surrender any information related to the client and will keep everything that is shared between the client and you confidential.   A really good private investigator will never disclose your name if being confronted by the person being investigated, or if the surveillance fails, you must at least not be suffering from any repercussions because of this failure.
  • Ability to testify in Court: As a private investigator, they know the system and how to work within it to ensure that they are able to produce evidence and other legal materials that will be able to stand up in court, and thus provide positive evidence for your case.   These investigators are also ready and prepared to testify in court whenever necessary.   Please bear in mind, that in a situation that your case your end up in court, your case will be much stronger if your private investigator is willing to testify and be able to present the information that he has uncovered during his investigations.   IN the event of having the need to testify in court, the investigator must be able to be considered to be an expert and eligible to testify, the private investigator will be asked some qualifying questions by the judge that will focus on his background, education, or experience, or anything that may determine him as an expert.   Another key point in testifying in court is the private investigator well-groomed, and professional-looking, would he be able to command the respect from the judge in court.
  • Knows how a man behaves: The ability to be able to anticipate people, and the ability to question them, and the ability to strategize based on what the investigator hear and learn from the conversation, are the values of a true private investigator.   This ability cannot be replaced by a computer, a really good investigator like this, will be able to effectively capture, gather, and decipher information that will be presented to him in different forms.
  • Where is he working from and how he is working: You will be able to have more confidence if he conducts his meetings in his office, and always be ready to visit his office if the need arises so that you know that you will be able to find him after you paid your money.   Always be ready to meet in his office.   A really organized office can also indicate the degree of professionalism of the agency and its investigators.
  • Fees and Charges are spelled clearly: The ability of the agency to be able to give you the price when you tell him what you want to be done or to find out how much it will cost.   He must be able to provide you with the closest estimate and should never exceed this amount unless you are notified before any work is done.   Although it is not too expensive to locate people and assets, provided the client is able to provide some information on the routines and rough was about the subject.   Investigators will have an office computer ready to tap into various databases.   The investigators’ time and expertise may indirectly raise the relevant fees, but locating a person should cost not more than S$200.00, while a background check or investigation should cost not more than S$500.00.
  • Have Good Rapport: Are you able to with the private investigator?   Can he understand your situation?   Is he maintaining eye contact with you?   You are entrusting the agency and the PI with the confidentiality of your situation as well as the information that he will be uncovered, which might affect the people closest to you, is he treating your case with sensitivity?   Are you able to tell if his conversation is free of any patronizing or condescending remarks?   Do you feel comfortable enough with the answers to all your questions?   Are you satisfied with his answers?   Do you have a sense of hope after meeting up with him?   You should always feel that he is looking out for your best interests.


Hope these tips enable you to find the right Private Investigator for your case.

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