Before making the final decision to hire a PIIt can be really emotional for the client. Do give a serious thought of the decision to have to need the service of such agency and the PI. Think about the reason why there is a need to uncover certain information and consider the possible outcomes and consequences.


Some final serious thoughts:


  • Are you seriously prepared for the truth the PI might uncover, both the bad ones and the good ones?
  • Are you willing and ready to follow through with the next step?
  • You may be needing some facts about a romantic partner, what if the facts really upset you, can you accept these truths, these facts? Are you ready to have your suspicions confirmed, and if it concerns your spouse, are you willing to act on the information, or will you seek some counseling or divorce?
  • What if you want to find a lost family member or relative? Maybe that person does not want to have anything to do with you, and how would you want to react to this result or outcome?
  • Or are you simply researching a business investment, and what will you do if you fund out that it is all a scam or it is totally fraudulent?


Hopefully, the decision of engaging the services of a private investigator can ease fears and answer any questions.   But if the opposite is true, be prepared for the outcome yourself, use your strengths, courage, self-respect, self-esteem to bravely proceed with the process.   Remember that you can rely on a good agency with a respectable private investigator.

Besides handling the process with professionalism, he may be able to refer you to good legal advice, appropriate medical advice, a therapist, or other necessary specialists, wherever necessary or suitable.   Do note that you are making the most necessary and appropriate first step towards empowering yourself, to resolve issues that might be preventing you from living happily and enjoying your life. Remember that you deserved the best.


Look out for Some Positive Characteristics for the Private Investigator


  • Operate in a professional office
  • A Licensed agency
  • Do not have any disciplinary actions or complaints, filed against the agency or the private investigators.
  • Ability to provide references and able to have those references checked out.
  • Be able to provide the expertise in your area of need and have handled numerous such similar cases before.
  • Have investigations, surveillance or police force background.
  • The comfort feeling that they are the right people working for you
  • Do not have the pressure on you to “close the deal” and allow you to have time to make your decision.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee.