Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Investigations


Investigating incidents of domestic violence can be really challenging and daunting.   Such cases are unpredictable and dangerous, and the outcomes, sometimes, can be very frustrating.   While in certain cases, police officers are critical in keeping victims of domestic violence safe, they are only one part of the system that manages the complexities of these cases in the criminal justice process.


Domestic Violence


In such investigations, it emphasizes the importance of collecting the right evidence, and risk-focused investigations as a means to promote victim safety, there are a lot of risks involved in domestic violence investigations.   In extreme cases, we have to involve police officers, and VWOs, for example, AWARE, to help in such cases.

There are some challenges to investigating domestic violence cases, it is the reluctance of victims and witnesses to cooperate with the investigations.   Typical crime victims and witnesses will tell the police everything that they feel about the situation, in many cases, some of these crime victims would even investigate and gather their own evidence before reporting these cases of violence.

In most of the domestic violence cases, the victims and witnesses would often refuse to provide the necessary information to charge the offender, even though they may be the ones who initiated the call for help.   Witnesses may wish to remain anonymous to avoid further retaliation or violence.  More often than not, victims just want the police to soften the situation, but definitely not to take the offender away.

Many of such cases, the offender is usually the sole breadwinner in the household, either serving in a parental role, or presents a threat of retaliation if arrested.   It is therefore, common for victims to impose some of the blame on themselves or feel shameful and embarrassment because the entire neighborhood has seen the police at their residence. Even children are programmed by victims and offenders to lie to the police.

In order to gain insightful information about the real situation, the police officers must usually separate the parties, calm each individual down, and start to build a rapport with them before they can attempt to gather information about the violence.

Very sadly, some of the victims simply cannot be coaxed into cooperation, leaving investigators with the difficult task of developing probable cause based on their observations alone. Investigators often have to take extra photographs of the residence or involved parties to help substantiate that there was actually an abuse or violence.

They might also need to rely on the expertise of medical services to help diagnose and confirm the injuries.   Sometimes investigators need to perform an on-site background investigation, more thorough than a simple warrants check, in order to help confirm a history of domestic violence, gathering these evidences can take a long while.

Domestic violence investigations are very different than any other type of investigation. Investigators face the threat of potential violence from both offenders and victims. Victims and witnesses often do not cooperate with the investigators, making it difficult for officers to piece incidents together and develop the possible cause of the violence, or whether the violence has occurred.


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