Do You Need A Private Investigator in Singapore?

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A Private investigator can help you uncover a lot of events, such as finding missing people or gathering evidence for your lawsuit in Singapore. Furthermore, a private investigator can help you with a number of investigative issues by making discreet inquiries about a matter.

Mostly, they can help you investigate some issues that the police will naturally ignore; especially those that the police will not or do not handle.

Hiring a private investigator has a lot of benefits, apart from the fact that they have acknowledged of law, they are also trained and developed expertise in the field. Furthermore, there are a handful of reasons why you should not handle investigative cases on your own.

Apart from the risk of getting hurt, you may end up being accused of intruding the privacy of others.

Reasons Why You need to Hire a Private Investigator :

Knowledge of the Law

Do you know those things you can and cannot do legally when it comes to investigations? If you are not well versed in the law, you should consider hiring an expert at all time to conduct an investigation for you.

Private investigator knows and understands the law and are as well legally certified to collect and gather evidence. The evidence can be used to support you in the court of law if the situation calls for it.

If you do not know the nuances of the law, you may end up gathering evidence and data that are legally invalid or even gather them illegally.



Experience is another factor private investigators have in surplus which you may not have. An average citizen may not have the needed experience to conduct an investigation. Hence, hiring a private investigator would mean that you want them to use their experience to uncover some issues.

Private investigators have the technicality to detect lies when questioning people and also know when they are trailing the wrong path.

Needless to say, private investigators can handle themselves in case of tricky or dangerous situations and they usually link with law enforcement agents should there be any need for it.


Skills and Technology

Investigative work is not just a practice but rather a field of expertise that requires study, training, and dedication. Investigation is beyond trailing a vehicle or tracing a suspect. Investigators understand how to properly conduct surveillance. This can be done either by trailing a vehicle professionally or locating themselves on spots where they will not be noticed.

Technology is also another part of investigation that is being used this modern day. Investigators are well aware of the internet resources to use, what database to search, and how to track phone calls, emails, and GPS. What’s more, they have access to various surveillance gadgets that you normally may not have access to.


Potential danger

Danger, of course, is another major reason why you should not participate or try to conduct an investigation yourself.

Private investigators have the experience to stay safe and have been taught severally how to handle delicate cases. Investigation also requires time and dedication. Can you devote your time to undertake investigations?

Do you have a case you want to professionally investigate? Call us for your professional investigation service. We have a well-equipped and well-grounded team of staff that will professionally investigate your matter. They will come up with unavoidable evidence that will back you up in every of your lawsuit. We are licensed and have the legal backing to investigate all issues. Why don’t you call to learn more?


Spy Singapore

Professional Services


Spy Singapore is the Private Investigation company in Singapore who provides Comprehensive & Professional Private Investigation Services Primarily in Singapore and in Asia Pacific Region. We are a group of Responsible, Reliable and Trustworthy Private Detective agents who offer the following private investigation services:

family hands

Matrimonial Investigation or Family Cases

We conduct Adultery or Infidelity private Investigation, Pre-Matrimonial Checks, Monitoring of Child Movements and Child Custody Cases.

Commercial Investigation Singapore

Commercial Investigations

We monitor Company Employee movements, perform pre-employment checks, Mystery shopping, infringement of Intellectual Property and Trademark rights.
Globally Connected

Overseas Investigations & Others

We have a wide International Network of Private Investigators to conduct surveillance check on individuals/partners overseas.

About Us


Our Agency was founded in early 2000, licensed by the PLRD (Police Licensing & Regulatory Department) of the Singapore Police Force, we have handled more than 10,000 cases and has provided strong evidence in a number of cases. We practice excellent business ethics and provide great customer service to our clients. We pride ourselves as the premium service provider in the private investigation field in Singapore. Our core team of private investigators in Singapore have been interviewed numerous times by the local media and press and is recognized as the most trustworthy private investigation agency in this region.
We are very well-versed and professional in the Private Investigation industry and a number of lawyers use our private investigation services to help them with securing concrete evidence for their cases, from matrimonial cases to commercial cases. We have been growing over the years and we had served many clients well as one of the best and the fastest growing private investigator firms in the region.

We are your Reliable & Trusted Private Investigator in Singapore!

Why Choose Spy Singapore?


Licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department Of Singapore Police Force

All our Male & Female Private Investigators in Singapore are licensed by the PLRD of the Singapore Police Force. They are all highly skilled and qualified to carry out the private investigation services in Singapore.


More than 10 Years Of Experiences & Track Records

We have an extensive number of years of experience assisting our clients with Matrimonial, Custody cases & others which we had developed a systematic approach to the issues and with proven track records.

We work hard to give our best service and sometimes we went extra miles by referring customers to our partners as needed to provide additional comfort and support in dealing with the emotional stress.


Highly Skill & Trained Professionals to Deal with Different Situations.

We have a team of highly trained individuals who have completed the relevant training with the authorities, and are all properly licensed to handle various situations in the investigations. All our investigators are recruited from the Police, Military and various specialised fields.

We take pride in our work and have total respect for our industry. We invest a lot of time, money & effort in the training of our team members, and frequently upgrade our spy equipments so that we can continue to capture crystal clear recording evidence for our investigations to meet our client’s objective. These state of the art, top notch equipments enable us to deliver quick & concrete results.


Competitive & Reasonable Pricing

Nobody wishes to pay Excessive. We will provide you reasonable & competitive pricing to do exactly what you specify, billing is transparent and without surprise.


Performance & Results Driven

Our Investigation Results have been very positive & well received, and we are usually able to conclude the investigation, usually after the first 2 meetings with the client & provide you with the concrete evidence such as Photos & Video.


Single Point of Contact for Communications & Updates.

We have at least one team headed by an experienced private investigator who is in charge of matrimonial investigations and other most sensitive private investigations. We are also able to cater to various circumstances of the surveillance to enhance our operations, this has indeed provided a great advantage over other firms who are doing similar work.

We have a senior private detective deployed as a case controller where he will analyse the case, present the case with the best available option to obtain the most solid evidence. He will direct the deploy the required team members in the most appropriate manner to gather strong evidence for the investigation. Clients are constantly kept updated on the progress of the investigation by this one point of contact.

Information Security and confidentiality is our top priority and commitment to our customer.


I have used a number of Private Investigator firms before this, but I decided to engage SPY Singapore after their project manager discuss with me in details on how they will go about doing the movement tracking of my daughter, and even provide some sharing on his experience with other clients with similar cases. And within a short span of time, they were able to provide videos and a full report of their results of the tracking of my daughter.

And at the same time, with a few meetings with the project manager and the investigators, they have also provided some suggestions and advises on how I should have worked with my daughter than to mistrust her and going into such unnecessary activities. I have more understanding and trust of my daughter now. Thank you SPY Singapore, you guys did the job well and are more than just a PI firm. I strongly recommend SPY Singapore for their services.

Mr M

I have spoken to a few Private Investigator company in Singapore and decided on SPY Singapore as they spoke to me reasonably and managed my expectation on the outcome of the case. As I need true evidence to proof that one of my existing staffs was not being unethical in his business dealings, I decided to engage SPY Singapore to proceed with this case. Although the case involved some risks, the project manager and the investigators were willing to put their full effort in ensuring they collected the relevant evidence for me.

They were willing to put in extra hours and even go the extra mile to help me proof that the staff was doing some illegal work and pulling my businesses away to his other company. SPY Singapore was able to collect all these evidence for me and provided me with the valuable advises on how to collect these evidence or even to set up the environment to collect these evidence. I’m really glad that we have engaged SPY Singapore for their services, they are truly professional and dedicated to their work. I will not hesitate to recommend their professional and honest service to anyone to need such work to be done.

Client from A Local Engineering Company

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