Mystery Shopper

We perform Mystery Shopper Service to provide timely feedback on your Products and Services.

Mystery Shopper


The search for continuous good customer service and products quality, are rendered as key success factor in your business. Our professional team will continuously provide feedback on their “shopping” (from the point of view of a shopper), and the shoppers overall experience, and thus giving the owners continuous updates of the real situation in their business.

As part of the job that the agency provides, we will make use of the services, which will include purchases made (for the retail businesses and online purchases), or services consumed, be it F&B or even training classes, to be able to provide you with a better view point of the shopping experience.

Mystery Shopper

As part of our work, we have traveled from Singapore to, throughout the region for our clients so as to ensure that we covered a wide range of their products and services in the region, all these are done within a certain specified time frame, to be able to form up a true shopper’s view and experience.

In certain circumstances, we might need to get in touch their retail business outlets to inquire about certain products or services, either through email or meet face-to-face, we provide the highest quality and usable shopping experience to our clients.

We have worked with a number of companies, these includes retail businesses, both online, and brick-and-mortar shopping businesses (supermarket, wet market), F&B businesses, training schools/centers, book stores, supermarkets, airlines and many more. We always have the shopper with the appropriate age, and gender, accordingly to the shopper requirements. We have always been able to please and wow the customers with our work, as we take our job very seriously and professionally.

Please talk to us and discuss with us on how we can ensure that your business not only provide the best customer satisfaction, but also, working on ways to appreciate the customers. Please discuss with us if you need a number of our services, we are able to work on a long term engagement with your company.


Other Investigations Service we Render


Besides Mystery Shopping, Spy Singapore PI also delivers other business/commercial private investigation services such as Background Check, Employee MovementInsurance fraud and Intellectual property infingement. We are as fast & competent in the Matrimonial/Civil cases such as Adultery InvestigationChild Custody, Domestic Violence, Missing Person and Pre-Matrimonial investigations.

Call us to discuss your case, be assured all information shared are kept at it’s highest confidentiality and there will be a senior professional Private investigator to assist you from start to end of the case.


We Provide timely feedback for your products & service through Mystery Shopping.

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