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Welcome to Spy Singapore Website. This Website focus on Marketing the Professional Private Investigation Services of “SG Investigators Pte Ltd” who is our valued business partner, investigation agency and service provider.

Investigations FilingOur partner agency was founded in early 2000, licensed by the PLRD (Police Licensing & Regulatory Department) of the Singapore Police Force, we had handled more than 10,000 cases and had provided strong evidence in a number of cases. We practice excellent business ethics, and provide great customer service to our clients.

We pride ourselves as the premium service provider in the private investigation field. Our core team of private investigators have been interviewed numerously times with the local media and press, and is recognized as the most trustworthy private investigation agency in this region.

Our Agency are very well-versed and professional in the industry and a number of lawyers use our services to help them with securing evidences for their cases, from matrimonial cases to custody cases. We have been growing over the years and we served clients from the region, and we are one of the best and the fastest growing private investigation firms in the region.


How does Our Agency Conduct the Work?

In Singapore, an investigation firm is required by the legislation to go through a course approved by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD) and to be able to pass all modules before they are be qualified to be a Private Investigator. Upon completing the course approved by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD) and if they are employed by Commercial Investigations LLP, these Private Investigator will undergo intensive training.

Examples of some training provided, on top of the required skills training at the training centers are as follows:

  • Proficient use of the latest spy equipment,
  • The skills needed to gather strong evidence for the cases
  • Ability to conduct effective surveillance
  • Know how to disguise
  • Conduct counter surveillance
  • the ability to gather intelligence
  • the ability to use the most suitable and necessary pretext.

All our partner agency’s private investigators are required under the company policy to upgrade their skills on an ongoing basis. Most of private investigators are trained in specialize field of investigation covering Matrimonial & Commercial investigations. For Example, Due diligence, intellectual property investigation, background investigation, business conflict investigation, financial investigation, employees investigation, conflict of interest investigation, market research investigations, theft investigation, corruption investigation, vandalism / mischief investigation and defamation investigation.

Many people have a stereotypical idea of how a Private Investigator/Private Detective/Private Eye work in Singapore. They have the perception that these people are mostly part-timers moon lighting without any Investigation training, trying to earn extra income. In most people’s view, any person can be a Private Investigator/Private Detective/Private Eye work in Singapore. This is certainly not true, Private Investigator is a Profession that requires diversify skills and acute judgement and decision under many different situations.

Our Partner Agency possesses all the experience, skills and right personnel to execute the investigation task. We deliver results by gathering the possible evidences required for each unique cases.


Before You Decide

Before you engage a private investigator, you have to know that you are hiring an expert that will take care of your case and that they can help you. The agency that you are talking to must be able to clearly explain to you:

  • The service and plan that the agency is able to provide
  • The duration of the investigation
  • The cost of the service based on the duration of the investigation, and not exceeding the initially agreed upon fees.

We walk the talk by giving you total transparency of the above so that you don’t get surprises and are well aware of what you are paying for.

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